Fire Ice Game Convention continues to grow every year. Fire & Ice 2018, was held at the Manitowoc County Expo Center, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The Expo Center is a large hall that allows room for sixteen, 10×10 foot spaces for vendors and exhibitors to show off their latest and greatest products to hundreds of game fans.

If you are interested in securing a vendor/exhibitor space at Fire & Ice 2019, please email our vendor manager at: vendor (at) fireandiceconvention.com You will receive an email response with all of the details. After confirming your attendance at the con, your business will be added to our list of vendors and exhibitors.

Victory Games Victory Games
1310 Union Ave.
Sheboygan, WI
The GameBoard The GameBoard
1832 N. 8th St.
Sheboygan, WI
Stockpile Stockpile Games
chimeralogo Chimera Hobby Shop
Cheap Books
by Phil
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for cheap.

Please send me your wishlists!
Email address: supermansbrother “at” hotmail.com

Most inventory can be found at here.

 Bast's Garden Bast’s Garden
Reminted Jewelry
Privateer Fannie’s
Bag O’ Holding
Zipetch Laser Engraving
Chained Lightning