Submit an Event

Games judges are a crucial component of every convention. At Fire and Ice, game judges are awarded 2 dollars in Conbux for every hour that they run an event. Conbux can be used to pay for admission, food, T-shirts, prize drawing tickets and the game auction entry fee. Game Judges that run 6 or more hours of events will have access to a “Game Judges Only” line at registration. Game Judges also have the ability to sign up for any game events throughout the weekend rather than waiting to sign up the day of the event. Just ask at the registration table to see the event binder for any future day at the con.

Event submissions for the 2018 convention are being accepted. Complete the form with as much information as possible. If you need additional time, a specific type of table, or tables next to each other, please include that information in the form. We will be as accommodating as possible, provided you give us ample time to do so! E-mail the events coordinator (events “at” if you have a question.

Events needed to be submitted by 11:59PM on Monday, January 29th. E-mail events “at” if your event doesn’t post by Saturday the 3rd.